Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Come and experience the warmth of Split Rock

Healing Starts With a SMILE.

At Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center , we are dedicated to providing quality care for those in need of short term rehabilitation or long term skilled nursing services.

Come and experience the warmth of Split Rock

Healing Starts With a SMILE.

At Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center , we are dedicated to providing quality care for those in need of short term rehabilitation or long term skilled nursing services.

We Are All About Creating That Feeling of Home.

During your stay, we work closely with family to ensure they are closely involved in your care. We encourage lots of visits, invite them to care planning meetings, and schedule lots of phone calls and letter writing, which all helps keep the connection to home.

Short Term Care

Our state-of-the-art short term rehabilitation program is designed to help resident’s recover quickly and enable them to return to optimal health and independence following a serious illness, injury or surgery.

Long Term Care

As a leader in compassionate care, Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center offers a wide array of therapeutic programs which are specifically designed to accommodate each resident’s individual needs while providing a homelike environment.

Respiratory / Ventilator Care

As one of the first long- term care facilities in the new York city area to offer a ventilator care unit, patients benefit from our experience, expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals requiring ventilators.

Whenever possible, our goal is for the residents to be gradually weaned off of full- time ventilation. We often successfully accomplish a full weaning with the ability to send patients back to their home environment.

on site dialysis
On Site Dialysis

We are very proud of our partnership with Dialyze Direct to provide our patients and residents with a special hemodialysis program, in house.

Dialyze Direct uses the most advanced NxStage equipment, with treatments that are tailored to help patients make the most of their time spent in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.

Adult Day Care

Door- to- door transportation is provided to all clients along with 3 nutritious meals and snacks are served daily. At the end of the day, clients are returned to their homes, ready for evening and bedtime.

Home Care Services
Home Care Services

The staff at Split Rock insist on treating patients like family and that dedication doesn’t end when the client leaves Split Rock’s premises. Staff, including the specialists that cared for the client, will be in touch regularly to check up on the client’s progress and condition.

Care Management Services
Care Management Services

Health care systems throughout the United States are employing the triple aim (improving the experience of care, improving the health of population, and reducing per capita costs of health care) as a framework to transform health care delivery. Understanding and effectively managing population health is central to each of the aim’s three elements.

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Our Services

During your stay, we work closely with family to ensure they are closely involved in your care. 

Our Services

During your stay, we work closely with family to ensure they are closely involved in your care. 

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Read Our Reviews On

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Smiles Really Do Help With Recovery

Our hand picked staff are not only chosen for their expertise in their professional fields, but also we ensure they are friendly and outgoing. Everyone at Split Rock knows that the administration is always interacting with both staff and residents, making sure everyone has a chance to be heard.

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Since 1974, The Wayne Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation has provided the very best in comprehensive care designed with people in mind. It’s care delivered with compassion by people who treat each resident as a family member. Skilled in a variety of disciplines, our compassionate and highly qualified health care professionals keep the focus where it belongs: on our residents.

At The Wayne Center, we understand that compassionate care requires more than skilled nursing services. Our goal is to help every resident enjoy life to the fullest with the highest possible level of independence. Celebrating every day, with every resident: Welcome to The Wayne Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation.

“Staff are caring & residents seem happy & cared for. It it very clean & odor free.”


The Wayne Center has amazing care. The nursing staff were always helpful and polite. Thank you!

Marissa Jones

The rehab therapists are great! Helped me get recover quickly after my surgery

Maria Lopez

Great place even during this Covid 19 scary time. I will say this not once did my mother complain of anyone. She did her physical therapy safely. Madonna and Merdine made sure she was safe in her room. Mark and his staff gave me calls whenever something new was happening to my mom. We also facetime twice a week! Thank you Delilah and her team! I will forever be greatful to you and your staff. Please stay safe everyone. Also my husband noticed the facility from the outside is very well kept and clean while covid 19. He also went to the entrance of the facility since they do not let anyone inside and even he was shocked to say it did not smell like urine it was very clean. Awesome center. Thanks again


Our Mom was a fifth floor resident at Wayne nursing home for 14 yrs. We decided to make her room as homey as possible, when we realized she’d be a permanent resident and not there for short term rehabilitation. Nobody ever had a negative comment about the family decorating her room. We had all our family parties there for her as well, including her grandsons bar mitzvah!! My children grew up visiting Grandma all the time because we lived close by. Our family was treated beautifully. But most importantly, the care mom/grandma received was outstanding. Trust us, she ate well, they always kept room and her personal self clean, excellent doctor care and rehabilitation when needed. Religious holidays celebrated for different religious beliefs. She refused to be moved to another facility even when it became difficult for visitors to come. I lastly want to thank her social worker, Ms. Evans who was literally our Mom’s angel. There’s no words for all she did. Thank you Wayne Nursing Home for taking care of our loved one!!! (Lebowitz/Melendez/Kaner family)

Annette Melendez

Great care. Fantastic physical therapy and nursing team.

Al Fleischer

Cathy Rauschendorfer

Director of Social Services

Cathy Rauschendorfer is the Director of the Social Services department at Split Rock.  She joined our team in 2018, bringing with her, 17 years of experience in long term care.  Cathy received her Master’s degree from Fordham University, where she graduated Summa cum laude.  She is a Licensed Social Worker as well as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Cathy provides supervision and leadership to the Social Work team at Split Rock, as well as, providing support and education for the residents, families and the staff at the facility.  Cathy’s experience has given her a deep appreciation for how the quality of life for those we serve is impacted by the quality of care we provide. Therefore, she is dedicated to providing excellent service to all those that the facility serves.

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Rachel Sampson

Director of Respiratory

Rachel M. Sampson, MPH, RRT is the director of respiratory care services.  She brings to the facility 25 years of experience working with residents in acute and sub-acute facilities who present with varying respiratory illnesses.

Ms. Sampson is passionate about providing quality care to all, and with a team of dedicated respiratory therapists, is always searching for new developments and modalities to utilize for the respiratory population at the facility. The director is often consulted by other professionals @ Spilt Rock for her clinical expertise.

Although respiratory care is her specialty she enjoys interacting with all the residents and can be seen throughout the facility laughing and encouraging the residents to achieve their goals.

Her motto is: Quality care @ all times.

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Soha Alsafadi

Director of Nursing Services

Soha is a creative, dedicated and engaging, highly accomplished healthcare leader professional with a Master's degree in Nursing Administration, along with 30+ years of nursing experience, with the last 13 years being in leadership and management. Expert at building high-performing nursing teams. Energetic, determined, proactive and forward-thinking innovator and imparts a passion for providing high quality and safe patient care whilst demonstrating exceptional professional and clinical excellence. Talented and sought after nursing professional with excellent academic credentials and a proven capacity to work in multi-cultural.

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Dr. Mary Rose

Director of Rehabilitation

Dr. Mary Rose Custodio-Ober has been a Physical therapist in NY since 2004. She received her bachelors from De La Salle University, Philippines and her doctorate from Dominican College, New York. Dr. Ober manages the rehabilitation department of Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center ensuring a systemic approach to assessing and constructing operational efficiencies to enhance patient care and services.

In her years of service, she has demonstrated great leadership skills, often partaking on patient care, providing knowledge, advice, and counsel. She ensures that her team members feel comfortable and encourages collaboration in creating an interdisciplinary team approach towards patient care. Dr. Ober personifies professionalism in every duty she partakes, demonstrating ethical responsibility and excellence in conflict management to advocate for both rehab personnel and residents.

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Cristobal Castillo F.S.D

Director of Food Services

Cristobal Castillo has 20 plus years’ experience in the food industry and hospitality industry. He has served as a Food Service Director for 13 years at Split Rock Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. As director of food services, he implements advanced systems to improve food service quality. In addition, he offers nutritious and high-quality cuisines. He upholds high standards of food safety, sanitary conditions, and hospitality practices. Additionally, he works with the recreation team to develop entertaining, captivating, and engaging events for residents and staff morale. He cares deeply about the wellbeing of the residents and strives to win their approval. He is aware of the profound impact that a delicious meal presented beautifully can have on someone's day.

Cristobal grew passion for the food industry at an early age. He took a few classes at Culinary Institute of NY in the early 2000’s. He is SERV safe Certified (QFO) and holds a New York State Mental Health and Hygiene Food Handlers Certificate. He has 20 years of hospital culinary expertise, first as a Sous Chef at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center and later as a Chef/Purchasing Manager at Montefiore Medical Center.

Father of four children and three grandchildren, Cristobal is a devoted husband. He enjoys going outdoor hiking, swimming in rivers, watching football, baseball, and basketball games, and spending time with his family.

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Christina DePolo

Director Of Recreation Services

Christina joined Split Rock Rehab. & Health Care Center as it’s Activities Director early 2021 with a mission to provide quality of life to her residents.  Over the past year, she had done just that, fulfilling her purpose through engaging, interactive and rewarding one-on-one and group activities for the individuals she serves.  In the capacity of Activities Director, Christina is responsible for the development and coordination of activity programs for the community that reflects the varied interests and needs of the residents and provides them with meaningful and life enriching activities.

Bringing with her over 20 years of professional expertise, Christina understands the value of elevating her residents’ lives through personal engagement and enrichment.  She is aware that activities play a vital role in improving the quality of life in every resident in our community, regardless of their physical, emotional, social or spiritual status is.

Christina is a Certified Activities Director through the National Certification Council For Activity Professionals.  She is a graduate of Fordham University.

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Rebecca Fine MS RDN CDN

Director of Dietary Services

Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Science & her Master of Science in Nutrition
from Brooklyn College.

Rebecca has been working in Long-Term care as a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years.
Her specialties include providing optimum care for high risk patients including residents on a ventilator, providing enteral nutrition, working closely with our hemodialysis team, oncology & has vast experience with residents who exhibit advanced stage dementia. Rebecca has had a lot of success working with the SplitRock team in helping patients upgrade their diet consistencies, in weaning patients off of enteral feeding & ventilators, and improving their quality of life.

Rebecca also works closely with the short-term care & Adult day care population and provides seminars & lectures on nutrition education, giving them relevant tools that they can utilize to improve their nutrition when they are returned back to their home environment.

Rebecca has fun interacting with our residents, often joining in their karaoke jam sessions
and other activities.

Rebecca believes that communication between staff, residents & families is fundamental in achieving the best possible outcome for her patients.

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