10 Minute Cancer Test Is Just Around The Corner, Study Finds

A 10 minute cancer test will soon come to market according to an Australian research team.

These scientists at the University of Queensland have created an experimental test that can detect cancer in less than 10 minutes. The test has an accuracy rate of 90% based on 200 blood and tissue samples.

The technology behind the test is accessible and inexpensive and does not require complicated lab-based equipment like DNA sequencing.


The test is based on the finding that the DNA in cancer cells are the same and uniformly found in all forms of cancer.


10 minute cancer test

10 Minute Cancer Test: Cancer Has A Universal DNA

Cancer cells have a universal DNA signature and pattern which can be found in every type of cancer; breast colon, prostate, and lymphoma.

The cancer DNA displays a unique 3-D structure. In water, purified cancer DNA shows this distinct structure when attached to gold.  A gold assay will change color only when exposed to these 3-D cancer cell structures.

The research team has already created an inexpensive and portable form of this technology that could, in the future, be available on cell phones.

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