Adjustable Sink For Sitting Or Standing Helps Elderly And Disabled

An adjustable sink has been created and manufactured by Pressalit Care that can be adjusted after installation.  No more reaching or crouching for senior citizens and the disabled as they brush their teeth or wash their hands.

The Matrix Medium sink can be adjusted up to 7.8 inches in height using either an easy-to-reach crank handle or electric pushbutton. A fixed version is also available.


adjustable sink


Adjustable Sink: How It Works

The adjustable sink has built-in hand grips that are designed for people who need standing assistance or who have difficulty maintaining balance. The design includes a curved in basin to help people get closer to the water, rounded corners to make the sinks easier to clean, and a raised back edge to direct splashed water back into the bowl.

The sink’s back-wall conceals the plumbing fixtures, while the mounting brackets are on the wall, not the floor. This offers easier access for those in wheelchairs.

The adjustable sink helps elderly and disabled people who now have access to proper grooming. Both the sinks height adjustability and safety aspects are a great advantage for seniors and the disabled living in skilled nursing homes or assisted living centers.


Adjustable Sink: Who Benefits

Pressalit care is based in Ry, Denmark, and is part of Pressalit Group, a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen solutions. The company designs and markets specialty products for installation in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and home environments.


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