Aged Citizens Getting Their Flu Shots In August Make Any Sense? Really?

Aged people, 65 and older getting their winter flu shots in August? Does that make any sense to you? Well, it certainly makes sense to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Indeed, while technically, it’s still Summer, Pharmacies have started to promote flu shots around the country. Perhaps, it’s because Labor Day is next week, the official end of Summer.


The CDC announced this week that this season’s vaccines have been formulated to match circulating viruses. Last year’s vaccine was not well matched, reducing the effectiveness to about 36%. The new vaccines are based on the current flu season going on in the winter Southern Hemisphere. Their winter ends next month.


Overall, through the years, vaccine manufacturers make their best estimate and pick what strains they think are going to be circulating. In the majority of cases, they get it right.


The CDC also announced that the nasal spray flu vaccine will again be available this year after a two-year absence. Most vaccines for the upcoming flu season will protect against four different virus strains.





Aged: Why The Rush To Get Vaccinated Now?

The CDC recommends that the aged, especially those seniors who tend to have more and worse complications from the flu, get vaccinated. There is nothing wrong in starting a bit early, or at the very least a reminder not to forget getting the shot.


You’ll have some measure of protection even earlier, as antibodies are effective in about two weeks after you’re vaccinated.


At the very least, says the CDC, get your flu shot between the end of September and the end of October.


The bottom line: Don’t forget to take your flu shot.

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