Aggressive Rehab: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters

Aggressive rehab has become more popular and in much demand following spinal cord surgery, knee replacement, and hip replacement surgery. Often, the best place for a patient to rehab is in a skilled nursing facility.

In addition, the rehabilitation can restore function after cell-transplantation and other innovative surgeries. Aggressive rehab is so important in restoring full usage,that surgeons recommend their patients begin rehabbing even before the surgery takes place.


aggressive rehab


Aggressive Rehab: Modalities Used

Techniques used includes physical therapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology therapy. Experts set up and direct the recovery protocol. The patient receives an individualized plan of care that is tailored to the illness, injury, and age.

Rehab can speed recovery no matter the kind of operation. Be it a joint replacement, heart surgery, or a procedure to treat cancer. Rehab begins immediately in the hospital and may continue at an outpatient clinic. However, intense, consistent, and specialized rehab is best done in a skilled nursing facility.


Aggressive Rehab: Meet The Rehab Experts

Different experts help with different parts of the rehabilitation process. Here is a list.
Physiatrist. He’s a doctor who specializes in rehab. He tailors a plan to your needs and oversees the program to make sure it’s going well.Physical therapist. Teaches exercises to improve strength and the range of motion for arm, leg, or whatever part of the body had the operation.Occupational therapist. Helps regain the skills you need for some basic activities in your everyday life. For example, this can include how to cook meals, get dressed, shower or take a bath, and use various appliances.

Dietitian. Helps to plan healthy meals. If you need to avoid salt, sugar, or certain foods after surgery, the dietitian can help set up safe and nutritious alternative choices.

Speech therapist. Helps with skills like talking, swallowing, and memory. Speech therapy can be helpful after brain surgery.

Skilled Nursing Staff. The backbone of a skilled nursing facility. Around the clock skilled and compassionate nurses can speed up the rehab process and motivate you to keep doing your therapies.

Aggressive rehab can take many months to recover from an operation. Patience is definitely the key to success. Progress depends on the patients overall health as well as the kind of procedure done.

It’s important to stay motivated and to work closely with the rehab team and to follow their instructions. In the end, all of the hard work, sweat, and tears will pay off for you.

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