Aggressive Rehab

As one of the area’s premier rehabilitation center, Split Rock is dedicated to the task of aiding its resident’s on their journey to restored health. Its team of determined and aggressive medical professionals work towards the goal of facilitating an optimum and rapid recovery.

The staff aims to get resident’s back on their feet, living life normally, as quickly as possible while at the same time being cognizant to the new realities that develop due to the prevailing circumstances. Attainable goals are established and a recovery program is established that works with the resident in their current state and gently prods them forward in the recovery process. This goal-focused framework, combined with Split Rock’s dedication to the quality of life, contributes to an encouraging atmosphere that gives patients the strength and guidance they need to reach their health goals.

Besides having a goal oriented philosophy, the staff at Split Rock believes in taking a holistic approach by creating comprehensive treatment plans that treat the whole body and deal with the new realities of regular daily living which will be necessary upon discharge.

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With an experienced medical team that specializes in a variety of fields, including physical therapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology therapy, recovery from various conditions is guided by experts, each client receives an individualized plan of care, depending on lifestyle, and the illness or injury and age.

Additionally, Split Rock has a long history in successfully in restoring functionality to its resident’s in an optimal time frame. The facility includes a state of the art rehabilitation gym with updated equipment.

When it comes to age, Split Rock is especially skilled with older clients. As a rehabilitation center that also offers nursing care, the medical staff have a lot of experience with the elderly, helping them get back to daily living routines after strokes, falls and other problems that can come with advancing age. With the assistance of therapists and the nursing staff, elderly clients are guided step by step toward normal, daily functioning.