Anti Vaxxers Ramping Up Protests Against Gov’t Vaccinations

Anti vaxxers are increasing their opposition to government mandated vaccinations. What started out as just voicing their protests to the media, has now expanded to loud demonstrations before local and state politicians. The catalyst, of course, is the outbreak and return of the virulent and dangerous measles disease.



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Anti Vaxxers: Have A Cause, Will Travel

Dedicated anti vaxxers believe they have a just cause—and they are traveling the country to voice their anger and displeasure. Their most recent stop was Atlanta, GA, where they loudly protested before officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC schedules three yearly meetings of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices; these meetings are open to the public. At the last meeting, 80 anti vaxxer crusaders took up about half the available seating, according to Science magazine.


“I do not consent to handing over my God-given children to the government of the United States of America,” Sandy Spaetti told the 15-member panel at ACIP’s Feb. 27 meeting, according to Science. The mother from Rockport, Ind., received boisterous applause from other activists.


Indeed, the anti-vaxxer group has grown rapidly at the meetings since last year. The “Inundate the CDC ACIP Meetings” Facebook page has more than 1,200 followers.

The CDC put in new rules to stop disruptive behavior. They also warned protesters that continued rowdiness would require the anti vaxxers to pass through metal detectors. In addition, security was increased. Police guarded the doors at the last meeting, and a rope divided the ACIP panel from the audience.


It remains to be seen if pro vaxxers will run their own protests.

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