Art Therapy for the Elderly

Art therapy can be very beneficial for older adults, especially those living with memory loss, or those who need to manage stress and pain. Painting and other art activities help keep the mind sharp, and promote dexterity, in a social, fun and casual environment.

Benefits Associated with Art Therapy

  1. Promotes Self Expression

Expressing yourself through art is a very powerful way of sharing your perspective with others. It can also help people suffering with memory loss recover long-forgotten memories, and improve their self-esteem.

  1. Improves Communication

Those facing trouble expressing themselves will find art to be an enjoyable escape. It can be a visual way to share how you feel, and allows you to connect with others around you, reducing the feeling of being isolated.

  1. Improves Cognitive Skills

Discussing your art with others makes you better at communicating, and also promotes memory health and cognition. Challenging aging individuals with art allows them to look beyond their own thoughts and consider their surroundings in a new manner.

  1. Reduces Boredom

Art is a fun, group activity, that allows elderly people to spend their time in a fun and creative manner. They share the art they have created with each other, and this also allows them to connect with the other residents and create social bonds.

Art Therapy at Split Rock

As Split Rock, our certified art therapist comes in bi-monthly with pre-sketched canvases and blank canvasses, and does a full class with the residents. The therapist is certified in how to use art to improve the life of our residents. They develop programs on different mediums that allows all the residents to participate fully. We also have an art gallery featuring the resident’s drawings, which they love to show their loved ones on visits.

We also use classical music in the background for sensory stimulation, and to provide a calming atmosphere.

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