Bariatric Patients

For bariatric patients who require extra assistance, finding a facility with the right resources is essential. If the right elements are in place, these patients have the opportunity for a strong period of recovery and growth.

A devoted staff, ready to assist in times of physical or emotional need is an important ingredient for successful rehabilitation. At Split Rock, around the clock nursing staff is fully equipped to provide help.  The staff, from the nurses to the administration, is also dedicated to attending to the wellbeing of every patient. As a facility which sees many bariatric patients, many of whom need both physical and emotional aid, Split Rock is experienced in providing the best assistance available.

To fully meet the needs of these patients, a facility must also have appropriate and comfortable sizing of all wheelchairs, doorways, beds, and lifts. Handrails should be securely attached to walls, able to support any extra weight. With Split Rock’s experience and dedication to bariatric patients, sizing and comfort has been taken into account in sleeping rooms, common areas, as well as with the type of furniture used throughout the facility.

When it comes to getting healthier, patients are also encouraged to pick up good habits. They are encouraged to move around the facility grounds, with landscaping, fountains and gardens offering plenty of strolling options. With the facility’s layout, along with the healthy, nutritious meals on offer, Split Rock ensures a focus on not only recovery, but also on the day to day well-being of each patient.

There is also leisure time to consider. Because bariatric patients usually differ in age from other patients, their interests often differ from the rest of the population. At Split Rock, staff consider these factors and client input, when planning everything from transport times, events, activities, to holiday outings. With that, the Split Rock staff ensures that the preferred choices and opinions of bariatric patients are heard.

With all of these elements in place, Split Rock’s facility surpasses the criteria for a safe and encouraging environment for bariatric clients.

Split rock, Bronx NY accommodates bariatric patients