Effective Ways You Can Use To Stop Getting Robocalls

effective ways

There are effective ways you can use to stop getting annoying robocalls. These calls are annoying, disruptive, and the majority of them are scams and frauds.   Indeed, robocalls are the number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), with about 500,000 complaints coming in every month.month.   However, help may be on the…

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Broccoli Sprouts May Be Effective In Treating Alzheimer’s

broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts may turn out to be a cure for schizophrenia. It does appear to be an effective treatment in preliminary study results done at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. Currently, schizophrenia patients are treated with anti-psychotic drugs that come with unwanted side effects. However, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that a chemical called…

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Scheduling Exercise Times Is The Best Way Seniors Can Stay Healthy

Scheduling exercise at fixed times is the best way you, and especially senior citizens can stay healthy. There’s no question that scheduling a regular exercise program is one of the most difficult things to maintain. The most common excuse? No time. But the latest research may bring relief for the time-pressed. In the Journal of…

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Successful Scams On Seniors Possible Early Signs of Dementia

  Successful scams perpetrated against senior citizens might indicate they have early warning signs of dementia. This conclusion comes from a new study just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.   The researchers found that older adults with low scam awareness had twice as much risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as their less-susceptible peers.…

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Red Meats Eaten Every Day Triple Heart Disease Risk

Red meats eaten every day will triple your risk for developing heart disease, a study by Cleveland Clinic researchers shows.   Trimethyl-amine N-oxide (TMAO) is a dietary byproduct that is formed by gut bacteria during digestion. This chemical comes from nutrients that are plentiful in red meats. In fact, high saturated fat levels in red…

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Disaster Preparedness For Alzheimer’s Patients A Safety Necessity

disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness plans for caregivers need to be in place and ready to activate to protect vulnerable Alzheimer’s patients during disasters. This should cover emergency situations such as severe weather, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other similar high-stress situations.   The National Institute on Aging (NIA) highly recommends that caregivers as well as skilled nursing homes…

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Scammers Look For Certain Behaviors, Are You A Target?


Scammers focus on people that display certain behaviors. Specific personality traits signal that you are a person with vulnerabilities and can be too trusting. Bingo! You are now targeted. All age groups can be targeted, but the most vulnerable are senior citizens. By and large, they are good people who can be too trusting and…

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Precision Cancer Therapies Successfully Use Combination Treatments

precision cancer therapies

Precision cancer therapies is the tailored combination of drugs that attacks a cancer in multiple ways at once. Now there is evidence that this protocol can successfully treat patients suffering from an advanced cancer.   Study results from the I-PREDICT clinical trial showed that a combination of drugs tailored to the advanced tumor’s genetic and…

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ID Theft Becoming More Difficult With New Recognition Tools

id theft

Id theft costs consumers millions of dollars a year. In many cases, recovering your good name and identity with your credit card companies and other financial institutions is a nightmarish hell. Most vulnerable are senior citizens who are easy prey for scammers.   The good guys, though, are fighting back with some new state of…

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Single Payer Medicare Plan Pushed By Senator Bernie Sanders

A single payer Medicare Plan is being promoted by Senator Bernie Sanders as he campaigns to become the Democratic presidential nominee. If passed into law, single payer medicare would effectively eliminate the private payer sector. This proposal is very popular among progressives in the Democratic Party.   Critics, on the other hand, contend that it’d…

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