Flu Season Not Over Yet, Says CDC. Everyone Stay Vigilant

flu season

Flu season continues throughout the United States and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) caution that although Spring is just around the corner, the flu bug can still get worse.   Take the CDC warning seriously folks as it’s based on the most recent statistics. In fact, through February 23rd, the number of illnesses, doctor…

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Lilly Pharmaceuticals Is First Pharma Company To Sell Brand As Half Price Generic

lilly pharmaceuticals

Lilly Pharmaceuticals (LLY) is the first pharma company in the United States to sell one of its brand drugs as a half price generic. The drug is an authorized generic version of their popular Humalog insulin medication.   Lilly’s announcement comes in response to President Trump’s, Congressional and consumer pressure on Big Pharma to lower…

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Pharma Execs Grilled By Senate On High Drug Prices

pharma execs

Pharma execs were grilled yesterday by the Senate Finance Committee on their consistently high drug prices. Drug prices in the United States are the highest in the world. Incredibly, this is for the same drugs from the same U.S.A. drug companies that sell them for less outside the U.S.   Hardest hit are families on…

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Vitamins D Deficiency Can Lead To Higher Risk For Schizophrenia

vitamins d

Vitamins D deficiency can increase your risk for schizophrenia, a recent study reports. Vitamins D is called the sunshine vitamin because it plays an important role in keeping your bones strong and healthy. It also is critically important for healthy immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems. If you are deficient in vitamins D, you run the…

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Bacteria On Insects Seen As Effective Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs


Bacteria that live on insects may be more effective against drug-resistant superbugs, recent research shows. This is most welcome news as the growing problem of antibiotic resistance threatens the healthcare of millions of people, worldwide. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have thoroughly investigated the efficacy of the bacteria living on insects and believe it…

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Geriatricians Can Help Keep Senior Citizens Healthy And Active


Geriatricians have the knowledge and experience to help senior citizens stay healthy and active. If you or your loved one is aged 60+, then you should seriously consider using a geriatrician to monitor and help you. The geriatrician can work with your primary care provider.   According to the American Geriatrics Society. (AGA), currently only…

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February Is American Heart Month, Spread The Word

american heart month

American Heart Month is recognized this month, nationwide. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Every year, 25% of  deaths are caused by heart disease. But, heart disease can often be prevented if people are educated to make healthy choices and manage their health conditions. Communities,…

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Dietary Supplements For Alzheimer’s, Cancer Face Tough FDA Regulation


Dietary supplements marketed as preventing Alzheimer’s or cancer now face tough regulation by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).   Earlier this week, the FDA announced they will closely regulate dietary supplements and enforce action against companies who claim that their dietary supplements can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or cancer.   The explosive growth of the…

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President Trump Vows To Lower Drug Prices In State of The Union Speech

president trump

President Trump, last night in his State of The Union speech, vowed to lower the current high prices of drugs.   The President came out very strongly against the current high prices of prescription drugs. These same drugs are cost significantly less in all other parts of the world.   He urged Congress to pass…

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Parkinson’s Disease Reaching Pandemic Proportions Around The World

parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s disease is on the rise. Several scientists are cautioning that it may reach pandemic proportions. Parkinson’s is a neuro-degenerative condition that develops slowly. It affects the motor regions of the central nervous system and over time, even simple movements become difficult. As the disease progresses, dementia sets in. Historically, Parkinson’s was rare. In 1855,…

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