Business Apps Can Help Seniors Handle Their Money Safely

Business apps easily accessible for downloading from the internet provide seniors with an easy way to manage their money safely.

Here are several business apps that can help you manage your money safely on a secure platform.


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Business Apps: Tip Yourself

How it works: Link your bank account to a separate “tip jar” account for rewarding yourself when you reach a goal. Upgrade to a paid version and you can set up regular automatic tips.

Stay away if … You’re not a goal-oriented person or if patting yourself on the back feels like a contortion.

Cost: Free for the basic version


How it works: Money automatically jumps from your everyday bank account into a new “goals” account, based on the rules you pick. Each time you buy a latte, for example, another $4 goes to your emergency savings or an investment account.

Stay away if … You’re not into setting rules. Some folks might enjoy customizing the app’s Freelancer, Spend Less and Apple Health rules, but not you.

Cost: Starts at $3 per month




How it works: Based on patterns in your spending, bills and income, an algorithm determines how much you can safely transfer from your primary bank account into a Digit savings account, then does it for you.

Stay away if … You’d be unnerved by a computer making unexpected transfers out of your account — even though Digit says it will reimburse you if such a transfer causes an overdraft (limit: two occasions).

Cost: $3 per month




How it works: The app rounds up each of your debit and credit card purchases to the next whole-dollar amount, then siphons off that spare change into an investment portfolio. Upgrade and you can add extras such as a checking account with unlimited access to free or fee-reimbursed ATMs.

Stay away if … You don’t use plastic a lot or don’t make many purchases.

Cost: Starts at $1 per month

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