Carbohydrates Are Essential For Your Health And Longevity

Carbohydrates in your diet are very important to maintain good nutrition and health. Indeed, if you skimp and reduce your carbohydrate intake, your health can take a serious hit. Moreover, it’s not only the quantity that is important, but also its quality.




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Carbohydrates: Quality And Quantity Counts

Nutritionists recommend that your diet should have about 50% carbs. But, know that not all carbohydrates are created equal. The type of carb is more important than the quantity.    Whole-grain options are far more healthy, for instance, than processed ones. For example, white rice  has very little nutritional content and fiber, and should be eaten sparingly.

Indeed, a recent study shows that cutting down on your carbohydrate intake could shorten your life span.

Fifteen thousand middle-age Americans substituted their carbs with vegetable options, like whole grains, beans, avocados and nuts lived longer than those who swapped out to steak.

High-fat meat in particular accounts for most of the negative effect on life span associated with the low-carb lifestyle.

The very large-scale study, published last week in the Lancet Public Health, also points to the other side of the equation — eating too many carbs — as another threat to your life span. In fact, for a hypothetical 50-year-old, eating too much of things like bread and rice slashed about a year off their expected expiration date.


Carbohydrates: What Should Senior Citizens Eat?

Carbohydrates in the right quantity and quality for seniors is especially important.  This is also most critical for senior citizens suffering from diabetes. First, eliminate the“simple carbs,” like sweetened beverages, desserts, and white forms of carbs such as white rice, white potatoes, white noodles, and white crackers. In particular, stay away from carbs that are found in pizza, croissants, and fries.

Instead, seniors and all ages, should mix in foods like quinoa, whole-grain bread, beans, wild rice, red-skin and  sweet potatoes. And, moderate amounts of fruit and dairy products are fine.

Happy and Healthy eating. Live long.

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