Health care systems throughout the United States are employing the triple aim (improving the experience of care, improving the health of population, and reducing per capita costs of health care) as a framework to transform health care delivery.

Understanding and effectively managing population health is central to each of the aim’s three elements. Care management (CM) has emerged as a leading practice-based strategy for managing the health of populations.


  • Improve Patient's Functional Health Status

  • Enhance Coordination Of Care

  • Eliminate Duplication of services

  • reduce the need for uneccesary and costly medical services

  • reduce hospitalization's

care management services:

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  • Care Managers work together with members’ Physician, Caregiver, or other health care provider to develop a Plan of Care that meets member’s needs.
  • Care Managers follow up with members on a regular basis to check on members’ health care status. Frequency is dependent on members needs and severity of health care conditions.
  • Care Managers arrange and coordinate covered services.
  • Care Managers help arrange services that are not covered by entity.
  • Care Managers are trained professional’s consisting of Registered Nurses and Social Workers.