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Maine Approves Prescription Price Transparency, Drug Importation Laws


Maine Governor Janet Mills signed a series of bills  yesterday that will reduce the high cost of prescription drug prices. This will give consumers, especially senior citizens, much needed financial relief.         The new legislation is comprised of four bills that responds to voters requests to stop the increases in drug prices.…

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Senior Citizens Can Maintain Their Balance And Mobility With Exercise

senior citizens

It’s important that senior citizens maintain their balance and mobility as the aging process reduces both abilities. The question is — what is the best way to accomplish this?   The answer is that it’s really up to you; there are options available. In fact, any exercise is beneficial.       Senior Citizens: Your…

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Extra Pounds At Age 80 Might Actually Be A Good Thing

extra pounds

Extra pounds at age 80 and even older might actually be a good healthy thing to be. Sounds crazy, right?   While in the midst of an obesity epidemic here in the United States, as well as world wide, who would advocate this recommendation?  the obesity epidemic rages on —   The current reality is…

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Medicare App Gives You Coverage Information You’re Looking For

medicare app

The Medicare app just introduced by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is an excellent way to know what’s covered. No reason to call their toll-free number and have to wait a loooooong time to get a customer rep to talk to you.         Medicare App: How It Works Here…

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Financing Future Medicare, Social Security Costs Still On Shaky Ground


The financing for future Medicare and Social Security costs is still on very shaky ground, according to both departments.           Financing: Current Status The financial futures of Medicare and Social Security remain unchanged from last year. However, the 2019 trustees’ reports released earlier this week,  warn Congress that both programs face…

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Heart Disease Deaths Increasing For U.S. Adults And Seniors

heart disease

Heart disease rates for American adults and senior citizens are increasing for the first time in 10 years.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the number of middle-aged Americans dying from cardiovascular disease is on the rise.  The CDC measured the two leading causes of death — heart disease and…

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Retirement Savings Options Expanded With New House Bill

The good news is that retirement savings options for senior citizens are expanded with the passage of a House bill last week. The bill passed with near-unanimous passage. It now goes to the Senate for consideration.   The House legislation makes more retirement saving options available to more Americans.  As a result, more part-time workers…

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Broccoli Sprouts May Be Effective In Treating Alzheimer’s

broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts may turn out to be a cure for schizophrenia. It does appear to be an effective treatment in preliminary study results done at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. Currently, schizophrenia patients are treated with anti-psychotic drugs that come with unwanted side effects. However, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that a chemical called…

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Successful Scams On Seniors Possible Early Signs of Dementia

  Successful scams perpetrated against senior citizens might indicate they have early warning signs of dementia. This conclusion comes from a new study just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.   The researchers found that older adults with low scam awareness had twice as much risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as their less-susceptible peers.…

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Disaster Preparedness For Alzheimer’s Patients A Safety Necessity

disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness plans for caregivers need to be in place and ready to activate to protect vulnerable Alzheimer’s patients during disasters. This should cover emergency situations such as severe weather, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other similar high-stress situations.   The National Institute on Aging (NIA) highly recommends that caregivers as well as skilled nursing homes…

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