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Senior Citizen Falls Preventable With These Easy Light Exercises

senior citizen falls

Senior citizen falls can be prevented just by doing a few light exercises each day. Unfortunately, each year, 2 million seniors go to emergency rooms to treat fall-related injuries. Even a simple fall to an aged person, can cause a serious fracture of the arm, hand, ankle, or hip.       The key to fall…

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Obesity Caused By Bad Sense Of Smell, New Study Finds


Obesity is linked to a bad sense of smell, a new study finds. A recent review concludes that obese people have a reduced ability to detect and discriminate smell compared to slim people. Obesity is a medical condition characterized by an excessive amount of body fat. It is affects millions of people worldwide, and obese people are…

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10 Minute Cancer Test Is Just Around The Corner, Study Finds

10 minute cancer test

A 10 minute cancer test will soon come to market according to an Australian research team. These scientists at the University of Queensland have created an experimental test that can detect cancer in less than 10 minutes. The test has an accuracy rate of 90% based on 200 blood and tissue samples. The technology behind…

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Dementia Detection In Five Minutes Could Improve Long-Term Therapy

A dementia detection procedure that can be completed in five minutes can accurately predict the occurrence of dementia onset up to 10 years after the test.   Scientists at University College London, report that early dementia signs can be detected by a simple, short scan of the individual’s neck. Indeed, these symptoms can be seen…

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Breathing Through Your Mouth Can Mess Up Your Memory

Breathing through your nose or mouth can have a major impact on your memory and recall, according to a recent study.   Swedish researchers report that breathing through your nose may help with memory storage and consolidation. Their study was published in The Journal of Neuroscience. What motivated these scientists to research a possible connection…

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Lower Drug Prices If Trump Can Force Prices on Pharma Company Ads

Drugs prices could go lower if President Trump succeeds in getting Pharma companies to list prices on their TV advertisements.   The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a proposed regulation that would change the current status quo. It would require companies that sell drugs covered by Medicare or Medicaid to list the standard price…

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Beta Amyloid Deposits Accurate Predictor Of Future Alzheimer’s Onset

Beta amyloid deposits and excessive daytime sleepiness may be an accurate predictor of future Alzheimer’s onset in senior citizens, according to a recent National Institute On Aging (NIA) study. In the study, senior citizens who normally are active during the day but continuously felt sleepy, showed three times more deposits of beta amyloid compared to…

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Ride Sharing Program For Seniors Improves Their Health

A ride share program for senior citizens improves their health, according to recent data.   In a pilot program between Lyft and the University of Southern California (USC), researchers demonstrated that unlimited free Lyft rides can improve quality of life by a tremendous 90% for seniors.   United Healthcare and the AARP Foundation provided a…

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Aging Seniors More Susceptible To Sleep Deprivation

Aging seniors, 65 years and older, say they experience at least one sleep problem. Insomnia and sleep disorders are, indeed, more prevalent among senior citizens. In general, older people sleep less, wake up and go back to sleep more often, and spend less time in REM sleep compared to younger people.     Aging: Causes…

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CMS Services Can Save 4.6B By Stopping Discharges To Long-Term Hospitals

CMS services can save up to 4.6 billion dollars just by stopping discharges to long-term care hospitals, a new study reported. Patient health would not be adversely affected.   Under the current system, Medicare spending on post-acute care totaled $59 billion in 2014. This is patient care that is usually provided by skilled nursing homes (SNFs),…

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