Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Clinical Services


Our team of highly qualified and skilled therapists provide  the latest specialized and tailored techniques to meet the needs of the individual, including:
  • Stroke
  • Knee/ Hip replacement
  • Fractures
  • Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amputation Program
  • Vestibular Therapy

LVAD Left Ventricular
Assist Device

A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a pump that we use for patients who have reached end-stage heart failure. The LVAD is a surgically implanted, battery-operated, mechanical pump, which then helps the left ventricle (main pumping chamber of the heart) pump blood to the rest of the body. LVADs can be used as:

Bridge-to-transplant therapy: This is a life-saving therapy for patients awaiting a heart transplant. Patients use the LVAD until a heart becomes available. In some cases, the LVAD is able to restore the failing heart, eliminating the need for a transplant.

Destination therapy: Some patients are not candidates for heart transplants. In this case, patients can receive long-term treatment using an LVAD, which can prolong and improve patients’ lives.


The sophisticated computerized monitoring system at The Wayne Center for Living continuously monitors all patients on the ventilator unit.

Our ventilators are portable, which allows our patients to take advantage of our beautiful facility, attend activities including Bingo and live entertainment, go outside for Barbecues, or get services at the beauty parlor.

The Wayne Center for Living houses one of the few long-term vent units where we also successfully wean patients that may be assessed as candidates to return home.

A Registered Respiratory Therapist is on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, on our unique and dynamic 40-bed unit. They provide tracheotomy care and tracheotomy changes on the ventilator unit and throughout the facility.

Each patient is assigned to one of our dedicated, Board Certified Pulmonologists so they can know their patients and follow their care. Our interdisciplinary team determines the individualized plan of care for each patient, and an emphasis is placed on each person’s psychosocial well-being.

Our team constantly evaluates each patient with the hopes of reducing their ventilator dependence, and our services are directed at restoring each resident to his or her optimal level of functioning.


Our goal is to provide the best quality of life possible based on each individual’s capabilities and to give their family members total piece of mind.

This is why we are so proud of our partnership with Dialysis Direct to provide our patients and residents with a special hemodialysis program, in-house.

Dialysis Direct uses the most advanced NxStage equipment, with treatments that are tailored to help patients make the most of their time spent in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.

Patients benefit from our ComfortCare™ Model provided by the Dialysis Direct Care Team.  Under Dialysis Direct care, we perform shorter frequent treatments helping the patient avoid the burden of tiresome travel to the outpatient center.

Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with the skilled nursing/rehab facility the nephrologist to coordinate a plan of care to improve patient outcomes.

Therapeutic Recreation

Celebrate Life Everyday!

There’s so much to do at The Wayne Center, and it’s all designed with our residents in mind. From parties to church services, games tailored to individual abilities to fun off-premises trips, our activities are designed to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of our residents in ways they appreciate. Making new friends, enjoying old friends, visiting with family and simply enjoying life to the fullest: that’s life at The Wayne Center.


We care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients of all functional levels. Each resident is evaluated by our interdisciplinary team to determine the individualized care needed. We focus on depression and behavioral problems and our Psychiatrist comes weekly to see residents. We aim for minimal medications and increased activities for behavioral issues.

Socialization with peers and activities are an important part of life at The Wayne Center. We encourage socialization and participation as much as tolerated to promote an active lifestyle. We have a private, gated patio where outdoor events are held. We have recently installed a wheelchair garden where our residents grow fresh vegetables and herbs. We have dedicated therapeutic recreation staff members, including a specifically assigned certified nursing assistant. They engage our residents in programs including reading, exercise, trivia, barbecues, arts and crafts including painting and clay projects, bingo and cooking.

Family members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer and be active participants at The Wayne Center for Living.


Nursing is the heart of our facility, and our nursing staff strives for excellence in the care they provide. Every resident, short-term patient, and their family members, becomes a part of our caregivers’ extended family, and we take pride in the relationships we develop. We encourage patient and family participation in the interdisciplinary care planning process.

Every patient and family member is our customer, and customers always come first. Our nursing unit supervisors, managers or nursing administrators are always available for our patients and family, and do their best to make every patient enjoy life to the fullest.


Our exceptional and advanced Wound Care program, focuses not only on the treatment and healing of wounds but also on the patient’s overall health. Our nurse wound specialists provide individually tailored and expert care under a patient’s physician order to ensure our patients reach optimal healing and achieve positive outcomes. 


We provide the most compassionate end of life care program, utilizing a non-invasive clinical approach, with a focus on patient dignity. As part of the interdisciplinary team, our therapists work in attempts to wean ventilator patients, to build endurance, on activities of daily living, and on ambulation, when appropriate. Our goal for our ventilator patients is to improve their quality of life, make them as comfortable as possible and make sure they are positioned properly. 

Rehabilitation Services

We are looking for caring individuals to join our teams.

At The Wayne Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation we know you’re eager to get back on your feet. Our Rehabilitation Services provide the skilled rehabilitation services you need, including physical, occupational and speech therapy. We work with your physician to design a rehab program especially for you. 

Dietary Services

Solution for families that need an extra level of care.

There’s nothing like a delicious meal to make you feel at home. Our food service staff bring a real love for cooking to The Wayne Center, serving food that’s as tasty as it is healthy, thanks to our Dietary department supervised by our Registered Dieticians. Yes, it’s healthy, it’s kosher…and it’s oh-so-good!

Medical Care Services

From companionship services to hospice care support.

We enlist services of only the most highly qualified and experienced physicians and consultants.

Our team of dedicated Nursing staff provides 24-hour nursing care to our residents. Our caring staff strives to assist our residents to reach their optimum level of function while attending to their needs.

Social Services

We provide transportation services you can rely on.

Sometimes it’s hard…and we understand. That’s why our Department of Social Workers has become such a vital service. These dedicated staff members listen to your concerns and address issues that matter to you and your family member. From resident meetings to family support groups, we work towards making the adjustment a stress-free as well as preparing our residents for their return to the community.

Our Services and Amenities


Our highly trained therapy staff delivers world-class subacute rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy to our residents.


Our EksoGT robotic exoskeleton system is a game changing platform for neuro-rehabilitation following a stroke, spinal injury, or other neurological condition.


The Wayne Center boasts a 40 bed, dedicated ventilator unit equipped with piped in oxygen and one of the most reliable ventilator systems in the industry.


We have partnered with Dialysis Direct to provide our patients and residents with the most advanced, in-house hemodialysis program available today.


We provide all modalities of clinical care onsite, including IV Therapy, Tracheostomy care, Optometry, Podiatry, Psychiatry, Dental, laboratory and X-ray services.


Every resident and their family members becomes a part of our caregivers' extended family, and we take pride in the relationships we develop.


We specialize in the treatment of residents suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia, through a dedicated, holistic and compassionate program provided in a secure and loving environment.


Our Long-Term Care residents live with us in health and happiness and make up the core fabric of our population. The clinical care we provide is the envy of the healthcare community.


We provide the most compassionate end of life care program, utilizing a non-invasive clinical approach, with a focus on patient dignity.

Cathy Rauschendorfer

Director of Social Services

Cathy Rauschendorfer is the Director of the Social Services department at Split Rock.  She joined our team in 2018, bringing with her, 17 years of experience in long term care.  Cathy received her Master’s degree from Fordham University, where she graduated Summa cum laude.  She is a Licensed Social Worker as well as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Cathy provides supervision and leadership to the Social Work team at Split Rock, as well as, providing support and education for the residents, families and the staff at the facility.  Cathy’s experience has given her a deep appreciation for how the quality of life for those we serve is impacted by the quality of care we provide. Therefore, she is dedicated to providing excellent service to all those that the facility serves.

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Rachel Sampson

Director of Respiratory

Rachel M. Sampson, MPH, RRT is the director of respiratory care services.  She brings to the facility 25 years of experience working with residents in acute and sub-acute facilities who present with varying respiratory illnesses.

Ms. Sampson is passionate about providing quality care to all, and with a team of dedicated respiratory therapists, is always searching for new developments and modalities to utilize for the respiratory population at the facility. The director is often consulted by other professionals @ Spilt Rock for her clinical expertise.

Although respiratory care is her specialty she enjoys interacting with all the residents and can be seen throughout the facility laughing and encouraging the residents to achieve their goals.

Her motto is: Quality care @ all times.

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Soha Alsafadi

Director of Nursing Services

Soha is a creative, dedicated and engaging, highly accomplished healthcare leader professional with a Master's degree in Nursing Administration, along with 30+ years of nursing experience, with the last 13 years being in leadership and management. Expert at building high-performing nursing teams. Energetic, determined, proactive and forward-thinking innovator and imparts a passion for providing high quality and safe patient care whilst demonstrating exceptional professional and clinical excellence. Talented and sought after nursing professional with excellent academic credentials and a proven capacity to work in multi-cultural.

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Dr. Mary Rose

Director of Rehabilitation

Dr. Mary Rose Custodio-Ober has been a Physical therapist in NY since 2004. She received her bachelors from De La Salle University, Philippines and her doctorate from Dominican College, New York. Dr. Ober manages the rehabilitation department of Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center ensuring a systemic approach to assessing and constructing operational efficiencies to enhance patient care and services.

In her years of service, she has demonstrated great leadership skills, often partaking on patient care, providing knowledge, advice, and counsel. She ensures that her team members feel comfortable and encourages collaboration in creating an interdisciplinary team approach towards patient care. Dr. Ober personifies professionalism in every duty she partakes, demonstrating ethical responsibility and excellence in conflict management to advocate for both rehab personnel and residents.

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Cristobal Castillo F.S.D

Director of Food Services

Cristobal Castillo has 20 plus years’ experience in the food industry and hospitality industry. He has served as a Food Service Director for 13 years at Split Rock Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. As director of food services, he implements advanced systems to improve food service quality. In addition, he offers nutritious and high-quality cuisines. He upholds high standards of food safety, sanitary conditions, and hospitality practices. Additionally, he works with the recreation team to develop entertaining, captivating, and engaging events for residents and staff morale. He cares deeply about the wellbeing of the residents and strives to win their approval. He is aware of the profound impact that a delicious meal presented beautifully can have on someone's day.

Cristobal grew passion for the food industry at an early age. He took a few classes at Culinary Institute of NY in the early 2000’s. He is SERV safe Certified (QFO) and holds a New York State Mental Health and Hygiene Food Handlers Certificate. He has 20 years of hospital culinary expertise, first as a Sous Chef at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center and later as a Chef/Purchasing Manager at Montefiore Medical Center.

Father of four children and three grandchildren, Cristobal is a devoted husband. He enjoys going outdoor hiking, swimming in rivers, watching football, baseball, and basketball games, and spending time with his family.

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Christina DePolo

Director Of Recreation Services

Christina joined Split Rock Rehab. & Health Care Center as it’s Activities Director early 2021 with a mission to provide quality of life to her residents.  Over the past year, she had done just that, fulfilling her purpose through engaging, interactive and rewarding one-on-one and group activities for the individuals she serves.  In the capacity of Activities Director, Christina is responsible for the development and coordination of activity programs for the community that reflects the varied interests and needs of the residents and provides them with meaningful and life enriching activities.

Bringing with her over 20 years of professional expertise, Christina understands the value of elevating her residents’ lives through personal engagement and enrichment.  She is aware that activities play a vital role in improving the quality of life in every resident in our community, regardless of their physical, emotional, social or spiritual status is.

Christina is a Certified Activities Director through the National Certification Council For Activity Professionals.  She is a graduate of Fordham University.

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Rebecca Fine MS RDN CDN

Director of Dietary Services

Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Science & her Master of Science in Nutrition
from Brooklyn College.

Rebecca has been working in Long-Term care as a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years.
Her specialties include providing optimum care for high risk patients including residents on a ventilator, providing enteral nutrition, working closely with our hemodialysis team, oncology & has vast experience with residents who exhibit advanced stage dementia. Rebecca has had a lot of success working with the SplitRock team in helping patients upgrade their diet consistencies, in weaning patients off of enteral feeding & ventilators, and improving their quality of life.

Rebecca also works closely with the short-term care & Adult day care population and provides seminars & lectures on nutrition education, giving them relevant tools that they can utilize to improve their nutrition when they are returned back to their home environment.

Rebecca has fun interacting with our residents, often joining in their karaoke jam sessions
and other activities.

Rebecca believes that communication between staff, residents & families is fundamental in achieving the best possible outcome for her patients.

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