Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Coordination of MLTC

Coordination of MLTC

Come and experience the warmth of Split Rock. We can’t wait to share it with you.

The staff at Split Rock insist on treating patients like family and that dedication doesn’t end when the client leaves Split Rock’s premises. Staff, including the specialists that cared for the client, will be in touch regularly to check up on the client’s progress and condition. When you choose Split Rock, you can rest assured that clients are in good hands, even when it’s time to go home.

To help with the transition process, Split Rock partners with New York State’s Managed Long Term Care (MLTC), a system that coordinates delivery of long-term services to people dealing with illness, disability and recovery. This system was created for those who still need assistance and can live their daily lives in their homes and the wider community. Administrators from Split Rock will be in touch with MLTC to ensure that former residents are receiving the best long term care according to their needs, even after they leave our facility. Services through MLTC plans may include managed adult day care, assisted living or home care.

Navigating the complexities of health care bureaucracy is difficult to do on your own. The Split Rock discharge team is dedicated to helping clients through any legal issues or obstacles that may get in the way of continuing care. Whatever the needs of former clients are, Split Rock will help them with the administrative side of care.

On the medical side of care, Split Rock’s medical professionals know that continuation of care after recovery is just as important as the recovery period. For that reason, clients are guided every step of the way as they adjust to daily life outside the facility. Split Rock’s medical specialists send clients home with a comprehensive treatment and care plan that is individualized according to their specific needs. With a medical strategy moving forward, clients always know what comes next and how to manage.