Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Covid-19 Virus Updates

Effective March 7Th, No Appointments Are Necessary. However, We Have To Adhere To NYS DOH Infection Control Guidelines And Proof Of Testing Is Still Required. Thank You!

Read Our Important Covid-19 Policy Updates

Dear Families:

We will be continuously updating our website on the status of COVID-19 here at Split Rock Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to quickly communicate all new information with you. We want to assure you that we are following the CDC and DOH guidelines for Nursing Homes.

As testing will become more available to us, we will begin  testing and retesting our residents, many of whom have already been treated for the virus and are asymptomatic. This is in order to properly cohort our residents  so that we can minimize transmission.

We are now seeing a number of residents who are well enough to consider taking off  precautions, which is very encouraging.

Please be aware that each family is notified individually of COVID-19 results and any other changes in a resident’s condition. Our staff will be calling designated family members with current updates on those who are positive. We are doing our best to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to all of our residents and to their loved ones.

We also want to share that while we have had staff who have been out ill with the virus, we are seeing many returning to work which is another encouraging sign for all of us.

We encourage you to call our facility at 718-798-8900 for updates on the status of your loved one.

We recognize the hardship that these times have placed on our residents and their families, and it is painful for us to see our residents separated from their loved ones as is their usual routine

Plan Of Action

We have implemented video calls for our residents to see/speak to their loved ones.

We encourage families to send care packages for their loved ones that include a photo of the sender to be used as a memory prompt.

We ask families to send video messages that can be replayed - Send via email to our Director of Recreation Christina DePolo- CDepolo@splitrockrehab.com

To schedule/coordinate, or for questions about resident communication, please reach out to the Recreation Department on extension -165.

We ask that families reach out to our  Social Workers for any update on your loved one’s condition.

Please avoid/limit calls to the nursing station to alleviate that burden on the nurses as they are on the front lines battling the virus.

Social Workers:

Director of Social Work

Cathy Rauschendorfer
Extension 129-Crauschendorfer@splitrockrehab.com

Second floor Social worker

Raenesha Peake
Extension 187- rpeake@splitrockrehab.com

Third floor social worker

Osafo Boateng
Extension 123 - oboateng@splitrockrehab.com

Fourth Floor Social Worker

Kelly Marin
Extension 124 -Kmarin@splitrockrehab.com

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the facility.

Stay safe and healthy!