Dietary Supplements For Alzheimer’s, Cancer Face Tough FDA Regulation

Dietary supplements marketed as preventing Alzheimer’s or cancer now face tough regulation by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Earlier this week, the FDA announced they will closely regulate dietary supplements and enforce action against companies who claim that their dietary supplements can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or cancer.


The explosive growth of the supplements industry combined with their unproven claims now motivates the FDA to crack down and remove potential dangerous health outcomes. All age groups are affected by the unproven claims made by these manufacturers, but the hardest hit are the senior citizens.






Dietary Supplements: FDA Pursuing “Bad Actors”

The FDA also intends to go after the “bad actors” who tout and sell supplements with false claims that they can heal Alzheimer’s and cancer.

In particular, the FDA is going after companies their supplements cure Alzheimer’s. In fact, there currently is no cure for this disease.

Alzheimer’s affects more than 5 million senior citizen  Americans and no drug cure is in sight.

Of note, in the last 25 years, the supplements industry has grown from a $4 billion industry comprising about 4,000 products to one worth more than $40 billion, with 80,000 products available to consumers. Today, 75% of  American consumers take a dietary supplement on a regular basis. For senior citizens, the rate is an astounding 80%.

Dietary Supplements: FDA Battle Plan

The FDA intends to evaluate the safety of any new dietary ingredients. In addition, they set up a rapid-response system to warn of any dangers with specific ingredients. Right now, supplement makers only have to tell the FDA they are creating a new product, but not what’s in it.

A requirement to register new ingredients needs congressional approval. The FDA intends to get this program started very soon.

The FDA acknowledges that most companies in the industry are honest and provide a good product. In fact, advances in science give consumers many opportunities to improve their health.

At the same time, the growth in the number of adulterated and incorrectly branded products, creates a clear and present danger to consumer’s health.

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