Electronic Health Records Go Viral With One Virtual System

Electronic health records (EHR’s) can now be exchanged worldwide on many different platforms with Epic Systems new One Virtual System Worldwide.


electronic health records



Electronic Health Records: How The One Virtual System Works

The overarching One Virtual System Worldwide effort is composed of three pieces: Come Together is about gathering data while Happy Together is presenting information in digestible formats and Working Together is the piece wherein users take cross-organizational actions based on the data.

All of Epic’s customers are connected through Care Everywhere. The Come Together initiative builds on that to find patient records and bring their data together.  This comes not only from Epic clients but also hospitals that use rival vendors’ EHRs, as well as government networks.


Electronic Health Records: Ease of Use Is The Key

A connected system is likely to dramatically improve efficiency and the quality of care.

Epic customers exchange more than 2.3 million patient records everyday day.  This includes not just Epic-to-Epic, but also government agencies as well as health information exchanges.

All the major EHR vendors as well as the major Health Information Exchange members working with electronic health records on different platforms can now be connected.

All Epic customers are also part of CareQuality, a framework for sharing networks. Approximately two-thirds of the people in the United States have a current record in Epic, according to company numbers

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