Exercising With Partners More Effective Than Exercising Alone

Exercising with a partner or a group is much more effective than exercising alone, a recent study shows. Overall, most Americans don’t even reach the minimal exercise amounts recommended by the American Heart Association (AMA).

A survey by AARP shows that only 20% of adults exercise to the recommended weekly amounts of physical activity. The majority of Americans exercise less than 30 minutes a week.



exercising with partners



Exercising With Partners: Most Senior Citizens Don’t Exercise


Inactivity and lack of exercise among seniors is the lowest of any age age group.  Only 17% of Americans over age 50 get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. And, most alarming, 26% of seniors do not exercise at all. do not exercise at all.


In fact, most adults are not even aware of the exercise recommendations put out by the AHA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


The question is why are exercise rates so low?


Exercising With Partners: The Reasons For Low Exercise Rates

The most often given reason for not exercising is lack of willpower. Indeed, this excuse was give by close to 50% of respondents to a recent online survey.


Other excuses given were ‘feeling too tired’ (42%), and ‘do not enjoy it’ (40%). Finally, cost of gym subscriptions/clothing and weather were other reasons cited by respondents.


The most often given reason (50%) for not exercising was not having a buddy or partner to exercise with. Exercising alone was boring and not enough motivation.

Indeed, the survey results bear this out. Half of respondents (52%) said they would commit to a weekly exercise regimen if they were joined by a friend or family member.

The AARP survey reported that adults were more likely to participate in a fitness challenge when joined by family and friends.

Participation sports are the most popular and run on a set schedule. The best exercise rates are among  group brisk walking, flexibility and stretching exercises, and cardio work out machines.


Adults age 50+ and seniors, age 64+ are active in group settings. The activities are aerobics, racket sports, and dancing.


Exercising on a regular basis is of great value. It boosts general health and improves fitness. The benefits are weight management, brain health, good moods, and social interaction. This holds true for all age groups, but especially for our senior citizens.


So find a partner or join a group and get out there and exercise.

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