Germs Hotspots In Your Home: Where You Should Look

Germs live in our homes and sanitizing doesn’t always get rid of them. Here are several areas that germs and bacteria love to congregate.




Germs: Sponges

Researchers from Furtwangen University found that sponges are a common germs hotspot. The DNA analysis from 14 kitchen sponges found 362 kinds of bacteria, even more than typically found on a toilet. Because sponges are moist they have the potential to pick up bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and staphylococcus. These pathogens can cause infections in humans through food and hands.


Toothbrush holder

Your toothbrush holder is the third most germ-infested household item, according to a study from NSF International, a nonprofit public health group based in Michigan. To keep it clean, close the lid on the toilet when you flush and put the holder into a dishwasher on the sanitizing cycle once or twice a week (if it’s dishwasher safe) to kill any germs.



A British study found that the average purse is three times dirtier than an office toilet seat and that 20% of handbag handles contain enough germs to pose a significant risk of cross-contamination from the handle to your hand. Non-leather bags can be wiped down with an antibacterial cloth. For leather bags, wipe with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.


Germs: Office desk

According to British cleaning company CSG, the most germ-ridden place in an office is the telephone, with 25,127 microbes per square inch; followed by the keyboard, with 3,295 microbes; and the computer mouse, with 1,676 microbes. Use an antibacterial wipe on your office equipment daily, and regularly wash your hands throughout the day.


Gym and Swimming Pool Floors

Gym and swimming pool floors are notorious for spreading viruses, flaking, itching, and warts.  You contract them from walking barefoot in the locker room, shower stall, and around the pool. That’s because the floor is warm and damp from the shower and sweat, a perfect breeding ground for viruses and fungi. Always walk around the locker room in flip-flops, and never go barefoot in any public place.

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