Hearing Aids Go High-Tech, Great News For Hearing Impaired

Hearing aids have gone high-tech and that’s great news for the hearing impaired and for sufferers of tinnitus.


Currently, 20 per cent of Americans suffer from hearing loss, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.

The new high tech hearing aids were recently showcased at a trade show in Las Vegas. One manufacturer, Widex, introduced a battery free model that is powered by a miniature fuel cell. Pending FDA approval, it is expected to roll out to consumers this summer.


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Hearing Aids: Introducing New Technology

Most devices work off batteries or battery chargers. For senior citizens and the infirm, changing the battery is a major hassle. Fuel cells are a major advancement. For example, it re-energizes back to full power within 20 seconds, whereas the standard battery can take between 3-6 hours to fully charge back up.


Still others, use artificial intelligence, to make adjustments and re-charge. One such company is Kaizn, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate settings based on the user’s preferences and past activities. A similar AI application is used by Spotify to recommend new songs for listeners based on their past choices.


And, another manufacturer, Cochlear, manufactures processors for cochlear implants. Their new technology, called Forward Focus helps people with hearing implants focus on the person they are speaking to- while blocking out extraneous outside sounds.

Hearing Aids: The Wave Of The Future Is Now

These new technological advancements in hearing aid technology are great for several reasons. First, the tech upgrades eliminate feedback irritants such as whistling and squealing. In addition, volume control is stabilized. For the hearing impaired and senior citizens, this is a great advancement.

New cosmetic changes now make hearing aids much harder to spot, thereby eliminating any stigma or self-conscious feelings. In addition,the new hearing aids are manufactured in a variety of cool colors that make them more stylish to wear.

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