Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Home Care Services

When a person can stay in their home yet still requires care or monitoring, Split Rock Center offers two levels of home health services. In meeting the challenges of an illness or disability, having professional health services in one’s home, instead of staying in the hospital, is often much more comfortable for many. In addition, having trained medical staff available can help ease the transition from a medical center back to one’s daily life.

As New York City’s premier Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), Split Rock Center aims to provide compassionate and expert support.  Through this program, our home health nurses travel to our patients’ homes to provide nursing services, from administering medication to round the clock medical treatments.

In-home Care

Our in home health program is designed to care for patients with specific medical needs and includes a broad array of professional and non-professional services. Working with the physician, a personal plan is designed to meet the needs of the client.

The in home care team includes an intake nurse, who provides an initial evaluation of the patient. After assessing the condition and needs of the patient, a team coordinates care, monitors progress closely and makes adjustments as needed. The result is, patients are well cared for and supported throughout the healing process.

In Recovery

If you or a loved one is in recovery from a stroke, accident or other medical incident, Split Rock offers compassionate recovery care options by our skilled nursing team. Physical therapy is offered in recovering mobility, speech therapy is provided to recover speech, or help the patient to manage communication problems.  Medical social services and occupational therapy is also offered. Occupational therapy focuses on giving patients back the ability to maintain daily living and working skills after dealing with the effects of an accident or disorder. In addition, patient and family educational services help to inform and advise loved ones on ongoing care and support.

Monitoring Services

Sometimes, when managing an illness, disability or injury, monitoring of a patient is necessary. Medical monitoring includes the observation of a patient’s condition by measuring statistics such as blood pressure. A variety of monitoring services are available from the convenience of your home, including cardiac and anticoagulant monitoring.

Skilled nurses can also help with administering medication and medication management. Our team can also administer flu shots if needed or desired.

Short Term Nursing

Split Rock Center can also meet the needs of patients who need a short session of skilled care. After an operation or an accident, 24 hour medical care can be administered in your home by skilled nurses. Treatments such as wound care, cardiac pulmonary care and ventilator care are also offered.

Specialized Care:

If one is dealing with a specific health disorder, our team is specialized in dealing with an array of needs. This includes administering care for diabetics, as well as providing education on what the patient can do when faced with this condition. For those coping with incontinence and related disorders, Split Rock offers a bladder and bowel program. In addition, our team is specialized in caring for patients with cardiac problems.

Split Rock aims to provide a well-rounded variety of services to help one feel at ease at home. All in-home services our staff can offer include:

24-hour medical care after discharge from the hospital

Central line and port maintenance and management

Personal care services (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.)

Home health aides

In addition to in-home services provided by nurses, Split Rock also offers another level of at-home care if a patient is semi autonomous, but needs some supplementary help. Our center is licensed and approved to provide Home Health Aides when patients would prefer to be at home but still need extra assistance with their daily routine.  All care is monitored and overseen by an assigned social worker and Registered Nurse assigned to your case.

Aides are trained in providing many aspects of personal care. These include hygiene related activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming. To keep the home tidy, aides also provide light housekeeping. To help the patients with mealtime, staff provide food preparation, as well as monitoring their diet and nutrition. For exercise, staff can accompany the patient on walks or other light exercise activities.

Besides personal care, aides can provide a helping hand with everyday tasks such as arranging appointments, receiving home deliveries and answering the telephone.

Frequently, when dealing with the complications of a medical problem, patients can get lonely or upset. In addition to care, an aide can also give companionship — someone to talk to and confide in. When a patient needs someone to chat with, or have a shoulder to lean on, our friendly staff members are there for them.

Our home health aides help with:

provide personal care and hygiene

reminders to take medications

Bathing, dressing and personal grooming

Companionship and conversation

Arrange appointments