Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Inspire Vent Unit

Inspire Vent Unit

As the area’s premier ventilator unit facility, Wayne’s 40-bed Inspire Unit features an array of advanced pulmonary and respiratory care programs. Individualized care regimens for each resident are developed under the auspices of our Board Certified Pulmonologist. Our tracheostomy programs are designed to wean qualified residents toward the ultimate goal of decannulation and return home.

Our 40-bed certified ventilator unit is staffed by a team of registered Respiratory Therapists on-site, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Our pulmonary specialists oversee and administer all aspects of respiratory care on the vent unit and throughout the facility.

Upon admission, residents or their loved ones work with our interdisciplinary team to develop a multi-pronged rehabilitation regimen, which may include dietary review, education sessions, breathing techniques, disease process, medication review, oxygen therapy, exercise techniques and exercise reconditioning sessions.

The pulmonary team regularly evaluates the progress of each resident with the goal of liberation from a tracheostomy tube and decannulation.  Services are directed at restoring each resident to his/her optimal level of functioning.