My Alzheimer’s Story Project, A True Labor Of Love

My Alzheimer’s Story Project, will be a documentary film by two film makers, Peter Schankowitz and Zach Jordan, owners of Joe Digital Inc. They are traveling across America to interview individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Their hope is that these testimonies could lead to new therapies.


“Our intent is to build a robust story platform to service those dealing with this terrible disease, and to connect that to the scientific community,” says Jordan. His partner, Peter Schankowitz says, “We want to create the world’s largest pool of Alzheimer’s disease wisdom.” They start their cross-country trip on June 7th and will interview Alzheimer’s patients, their families, and their caregivers.



my alzheimer's



Indeed, for Zach Jordan, this trip is a true labor of love. His father died of this disease. Indeed, watching his father’s death as well as his family’s reactions — gave him the idea for this project.


Jordan and Schankowitz will be working with the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), an organization that promotes cognitive health plans for Alzheimer’s sufferers. GCBH will help find applications for their work. Their plan is to develop educational and research initiatives based on their interviews. Moreover, they hope, above all, that their documentary film can help find a cure.


The two have already started filming Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers and have a growing video library. The team hopes to film 10 to 20 people per day during the road trip.

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