Precision Cancer Therapies Successfully Use Combination Treatments

Precision cancer therapies is the tailored combination of drugs that attacks a cancer in multiple ways at once. Now there is evidence that this protocol can successfully treat patients suffering from an advanced cancer.


Study results from the I-PREDICT clinical trial showed that a combination of drugs tailored to the advanced tumor’s genetic and molecular profile was successful. Patients in this group lived longer and had longer periods of remission compared to the control group.


precision cancer therapies




Precision Cancer Therapies: Encouraging Results

These encouraging results suggest that customized combinations of targeted treatments will advance precision oncology. However, there are still many challenges. For example, many of the combinations used in the study have not yet been safety tested.


Potential risk of toxicities was managed by starting patients on an initial low dose. Patients were closely followed and their dosages increased according to toleration.


There was no evidence that those receiving a greater proportion of “matched” drugs suffered more adverse effects compared to those who took fewer drugs.


Researchers are now enrolling patients in the next version of the I-PREDICT trial. A key change in the new protocol is that patients will receive well-matched, multi-drug treatment combinations right away. Doctors will not wait until standard treatment has failed.


If correct, it would show that precision cancer therapies can significantly improve patient outcomes.  Such a result would mark significant progress in building the future of precision oncology.

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