Recreational Marijuana A Fan Favorite Among Seniors

Recreational marijuana has become a favorite way to relax among senior citizens, especially as many states have already legalized it.


And, of course, what better way to enjoy the weed than with friends at a cannabis club. Combine that with food, music, and socializing — and seniors can happily conjure up the good memories of Woodstock in their youth.


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Recreational Marijuana: Why Seniors Like It

As older adults turn to marijuana in record numbers, interest in the plant’s recreational side is growing, too. A substance that was illegal for many years has now been legalized by many States across the country. And surprisingly, senior citizens are now front and center — now relaxing and getting high for fun, too.


Indeed, in some areas of the country, it’s way out in the open as a “cannabis culture”. Here you can find cannabis-themed dinner parties, yoga sessions, art classes, vacation tours and even a night out at a local tavern.


In fact, the statistics are amazing. Across the country, 58 percent of Americans 55 and older now say smoking pot is morally acceptable, according to a 2018 Gallup poll. Over 25 percent of Americans 50 and older — some 29 million — live in one of the 11 states or the District of Columbia where recreational marijuana is legal. The only places where marijuana is still illegal is on federal lands, including national parks.


Where Can You Get It?

This varies widely among states that have legalized it. But it still remains illegal on federal lands, including national parks.


In Oregon, where recreational marijuana became legal in 2015, you can eat foods infused with cannabis at bakeries, restaurants and private dinners featuring “cannabis cuisine”.

There are cannabis cookbooks that feature various foods — cooked, baked, and fried with it.


In one recent survey of Colorado residents age 60 to 94, thirty-three percent said they smoke or vape it for recreation.


In Denver, Colorado, there is a company called Cannabis Tours that specializes in tours and parties geared to senior citizens. Marijuana is the centerpiece of these planned events. The tour stops at growing facilities and dispensaries — and seniors indulge on the bus. And, of course, there are birthday party celebrations.



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