Split Rock Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Respiratory / Ventilator Care

Respiratory / Ventilator Care

As one of the first long- term care facilities in the new York city area to offer a ventilator care unit, patients benefit from our experience, expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals requiring ventilators. 

Whenever possible, our goal is for the residents to be gradually weaned off of full- time ventilation. We often successfully accomplish a full weaning with the ability to send patients back to their home environment. 

Our ventilator unit is staffed with skillfully trained and experienced respiratory therapists, all under the leadership and guidance of a pulmonary and respiratory director and 24/7 doctor oversight. Our staff is committed to helping each patient reach their highest possible physical, social and emotional well being.

Advantages Of Split Rock’s Ventilator Care Unit:

Portable Vents

Allows movement away from the bedside

Non-invasive Testing Technique:

Allows for accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels without drawing blood each time

Therapeutic Recreation Specialists:

Provide music and sensory stimulation

Speech And Swallowing Expertise:

Evaluates the specific conditions blocking the ability of a ventilator dependent resident to speak or swallow and provide devices to restore these functions to each resident’s maximum level

Rehabilitative Services:

To encourage exercises that help residents use oxygen more efficiently

Every Patient Receives Personalized Care From Our Respiratory Team

We believe that family involvement and support is important in ventilator care, rehabilitation and weaning. Family members are included in the treatment process and in discharge planning. The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team provides education and training in the skills needed after discharge.