Ride Sharing Program For Seniors Improves Their Health

A ride share program for senior citizens improves their health, according to recent data.


In a pilot program between Lyft and the University of Southern California (USC), researchers demonstrated that unlimited free Lyft rides can improve quality of life by a tremendous 90% for seniors.


United Healthcare and the AARP Foundation provided a $1 million grant funding to USC  to evaluate the impact of free rides on senior citizens health.

The objective was to determine whether accessible transportation positively affected seniors healthcare, socialization, and activity levels. Researchers, last week released preliminary data about its current progress.



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Currently, several million senior citizens miss medical appointments each year due to a lack of accessible and affordable transportation, with no-show rates hovering at 30% for sub-specialty doctor appointments.


Transportation for America (T4 America) found that more than half of the non-driving population age 65+ stays home on any given day because they don’t have transportation.


They make fewer trips to the doctor (15%), to shop or eat out (59%). They go to fewer social, family, and religious activities (65%) than senior drivers in the same age group.


According to Leslie Saxon, executive director of the USC Center for Body Computing, “It’s not just missing doctors’ appointments, what really determines survival in an aging population is socialization–it’s any trip out of the house, and how active you are. That is the No. 1 determinant of basically who lives and who dies.”

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