Scheduling Exercise Times Is The Best Way Seniors Can Stay Healthy

Scheduling exercise at fixed times is the best way you, and especially senior citizens can stay healthy.

There’s no question that scheduling a regular exercise program is one of the most difficult things to maintain. The most common excuse? No time. But the latest research may bring relief for the time-pressed. In the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers report that even short sessions of exercise, such as a five-minute walk done a few times a day — counts as a beneficial workout.


Indeed, these short workouts are as good as more intense workouts, if the total time is the same.





Scheduling Exercise: Tips To Succeed

As with many things in life, the key is consistency. Here are several tips on consistent exercise provided by the American Heart Association.


Walking is easy. Try to walk everywhere you have to go, especially in your local area.. Avoid using your car or public transportation. Grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, picking up the kids from school — all can be done just by walking there. The health benefits are immeasurable.


Keep a calendar. Write down every exercise you’re going to do, and the time you’re doing it. Don’t procrastinate and put off any exercise for ‘later’. That’s because ‘later’ will never come. Having your schedule written down in black and white will push you to keep it.


Sign up for a class. If you need organization to keep you going, schedule an exercise class. If you’re paying for it, you’ll make sure to be there on time. Make sure the class is not too large. Socializing will amp up the adrenaline and get you motivated to exercise on a consistent basis.


Set goals. Researchers agree: When you set goals for yourself, you’re more likely to set aside the time to achieve them.

For example, ‘Walk for 15 minutes every day after dinner.’ This is a well-defined and easy goal to accomplish. Once you get into the groove, you’ll do it automatically.


Track your progress. Keep track of your progress — the type and length of time. It will certainly motivate you.


This self-monitoring will increase your feelings of responsibility and increase your motivation. In addition, seeing the benefits you gain from these exercises will make you very happy.

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