Short Term Care

Split Rock: a bridge between hospital and home.

Our state-of-the-art short term rehabilitation program is designed to help resident’s recover quickly and enable them to return to optimal health and independence following a serious illness, injury or surgery. The team of trained professionals staffing Split Rock’s rehabilitation department include a medical doctor, psychiatrist, therapists, social workers and nurses, who guide residents and their families through the recovery process. There is a case manager assigned to each individual patient to ensure that their plan of care is being followed.


Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Baychester Avenue, Bronx, NY
Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center rehab in Bronx NY

While in rehabilitation, residents benefit from a wide range of specialized orthopedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal services. Physical and occupational therapists are trained to treat the entire body. Patients also benefit from a care managers who carefully coordinates their stay, from admission through discharge, following their patient’s progress throughout the entire process. The length of therapy offered depends on the severity of the patient’s injuries.

The rehabilitation program includes intensive therapy provided by licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists, under the supervision of a board certified physiatrist.

Short Term Care Services:

  • Respiratory/ Ventilator Care

  • Multiple Traumas

  • Stroke

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Tracheostomy

  • Wound

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

  • Pain Management

  • Enteral Feeding

  • IV Therapy

  • Fractures

  • Post-Surgical