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Smart Watch Using Artificial Intelligence Detects Pre-Diabetes

Smart watches using artificial intelligence can detect pre-diabetes. The smart watch developed by Cardiogram and University of California, detects diabetes with 85 percent accuracy.  In a recent study, 14,000 smart watch wearers were tested based only on their heart rate and step count from devices.


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Smart Watch: Diabetes Statistics

Some 32 million people in the US have diabetes, while a further 70 million people are living with a pre-diabetes condition, according to GlobalData figures.

With 88 percent of people who are pre-diabetic unaware of their status, a smart watch could provide an easy and affordable means of diagnosing this condition with ever-increasing societal importance.

In 2017, diabetes alone cost the US economy $245 billion, according to the American Diabetes Society.


Smart Watch: Apple Forges Ahead In Health Care Innovation

The combination of AI and smart watches is another win for tech giant Apple as it intends to become a key player in the healthcare industry.

Last year it made multiple health improvements to its Apple Watch, as well as a new patent for the potential use of the iPhone as a health sensor. In addition, it launched its first sponsored clinical trial and bought several ahealth companies.

Other current smart watches detect atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

If wearables can better diagnose, manage, and treat disease at earlier stages, these technologies could completely alter the way diseases are currently managed.



If diseases can be accurately detected using artificial intelligence in wearable devices, it provides immeasurable value to consumers and healthcare providers.

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