Social Security Hit By New Scam, People Beware!

Social Security (SSA) announced this week that they have been hit by another scam. Crooks are imitating the agency’s phone number to convince people to answer their phone.


If you get a phone call with the number 800-772-1213 on your caller-ID screen, BEWARE!

Although this is actually the SSA’s national customer service line, the crooks diverting it through some type of hack. They will ask you for you SS number and other personal information.


Social Security: “Spoofing” Fraud


This type of fraud is called a “spoofing” scam.  Law enforcement agencies say, just hang up, quick. Your best bet is to just hang up. The scheme “shows that scammers will try anything to mislead and harm innocent people,” says Gale Stallworth Stone, the acting Inspector General of Social Security.

The SSA has warned people about several similar scams in recent months. Another one is an impersonation scam in which the caller pretends to be “acting Inspector General Gale Stone.”


Just hang up.



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Social Security: If You Don’t Hang Up, What To Do


If you do take the spoofing call, don’t give out your Social Security number, or your bank account numbers.

The scam artist MO is to tell you that the SSA does not have all of your personal information on file. Therefore, you need to update it immediately. Another approach is that they tell you it needs more information so that Social Security can increase your benefits.

The caller might even threaten you with terminating your SSA benefits, if you refuse.


You need to know that SSA employees do not contact Americans by telephone for customer-service purposes. They don’t ask for your SSN number or any other financial information. Neither will they threaten you.


If you receive a suspicious call from someone alleging to be from the SSA, report that information to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at 800-269-0271 (866-501-2101 for the deaf or hard of hearing) or online at

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