Stress Reduction With Yoga Exercises, It Really Works

Stress reduction using yoga exercises has been found to be a good way to keep you calm and focused. Yoga exercise is described and explained in the Yoga Sutras, a 2000 year old text from India. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation to improve your mood and health. It also increases your happiness.


The goal of yoga is to steady your mind and live a healthy, purposeful, joyful life. The exercises are physically non-stressful and even suitable for senior citizens.



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Stress Reduction: Improve Focus With Yoga

Yoga helps you focus on one idea or point.  This focus strengthens your resolve to accomplish whatever needs to get done on any given day.

Focus leads to intention, conviction, and then accomplishing your goal.

For example, your goal may be to lose 20 pounds, your intention is to be healthy,

Your goal may be to achieve a high grade point average in college. Your intention is to get into a very good law school.

Improving your focus reduces stress as you works towards achieving your goal.

Stress Reduction: The Power of Positive Thinking

Life constantly throws us curve balls. Insteads of wallowing in depression, yoga exercises focus your attention on the positive, keeps you moving towards your goal, and keeps your conviction at a high level.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

As an example, think of someone who constantly gives you a bad time. Think of that person’s positive qualities and how you have benefited from that. This will, increase your levels of gratitude, compassion, and feelings of peace. Your stress levels will go down.



Stress Reduction: Breathe Easy

Breathing easy is a main principle and foundation of yoga. It signals that you are calm, focused, and in control. Notice, that when you’re angry, your breathing is fast, erratic, and shallow.


With yoga, changing your breathing patterns can help regulate your emotions and stress levels. Indeed, studies show the effects of breathing on the body and mind: Research shows that controlled breathing is calming, reduces anxiety, and lowers stress.

In yoga, proper breathing strengthens the focus. A strong focus strengthens the mind and reduces physical tension.

Heart rate drops, blood pressure lowers, and the body physically calms down.

The yoga manual recommends this technique to achieve happy breathing and lower stress levels:

Inhale slowly and smoothly through your nose. Open your mouth and exhale with a whispered haaaaaaa sound, until completely empty. Pause and stay empty for three counts. Repeat for 10 rounds with resting breaths as needed.


When you’re finished, let your breath return to normal and you’ll notice the positive difference.

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