Airplanes Are Full Of Germs, How To Prevent From Getting Sick


Airplanes are full of germs. Don’t be surprised. The fact is that airplanes are the perfect venue for germs to thrive: They have close quarters, frequent passenger turnaround and recirculated air. In addition, you should be aware of the hot spots that harbor the most germs. According to Travelmath, they are your tray table, overhead…

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Germs Hotspots In Your Home: Where You Should Look

Germs live in our homes and sanitizing doesn’t always get rid of them. Here are several areas that germs and bacteria love to congregate.     Germs: Sponges Researchers from Furtwangen University found that sponges are a common germs hotspot. The DNA analysis from 14 kitchen sponges found 362 kinds of bacteria, even more than typically found on…

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