Lilly Pharmaceuticals Is First Pharma Company To Sell Brand As Half Price Generic

lilly pharmaceuticals

Lilly Pharmaceuticals (LLY) is the first pharma company in the United States to sell one of its brand drugs as a half price generic. The drug is an authorized generic version of their popular Humalog insulin medication.   Lilly’s announcement comes in response to President Trump’s, Congressional and consumer pressure on Big Pharma to lower…

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Geriatricians Can Help Keep Senior Citizens Healthy And Active


Geriatricians have the knowledge and experience to help senior citizens stay healthy and active. If you or your loved one is aged 60+, then you should seriously consider using a geriatrician to monitor and help you. The geriatrician can work with your primary care provider.   According to the American Geriatrics Society. (AGA), currently only…

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