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Visiting a loved one at Split Rock

Where We Are Located

We are located in the Bronx at 3525 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY 10466.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are an important part of the healing process. There are no set visiting hours at Split Rock Center; however preferred visiting hours are from 11 am- 8 pm daily. Visits from persons who are ill are discouraged for the safety of all patients. We encourage children to visit, however, we ask you to alert the receptionist of anyone visiting the facility under the age 12. We would love for your family pet to come visit. Please remember to clean up after them and take the proper safety measures at all times. Pet visits must be preauthorized by contacting the recreational staff or nursing supervisor on duty. All pets should also be kept on a leash, and be up to date on immunizations.

Visiting Guidelines

Although we do not have a formal policy stating visitation guidelines, we suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest a limit of one to three people in a resident room at one time.
You may reserve a designated visiting area section of the outdoor terrace for any special event (birthday, holidays, meals) in advance by contacting our social services coordinator.

Visitor Parking

If you are parking on the street, please observe all posted city parking signs. Avoid parking in spaces specifically reserved for the handicapped or the front of our building.

Public Transportation

Split Rock Center is accessible both by bus and train.
By Train, take the 5 train to the Baychester stop. Split Rock is located right down the block.
By Bus, take the 30, 60 and 61. All stop right by our facility- corner of Baychester and Boston Road.

Smoke-free Facility

As a healthcare facility, our role is to improve the health of our residents. We are a smoke free facility and ask patients, visitors, and employees to refrain from smoking on our premises at all times.

Food & Meals

Resident meals are provided with treatment and recovery in mind. Consistent with the provision of special diets, always consult with the nursing staff before bringing food to patients. Any food kept in the resident room must be in properly sealed containers.

Resident’s meals are served at the following times.

  • Breakfast: 8 to 9:30 a.m.
  • Lunch: noon to 1:30 p.m.
  • Dinner: 5 to 6 p.m.

Patient Gifts

Patient gifts are always welcome. Please inquire about our seasonal toy drives.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 718-798-8900.

General Tips When Visiting

Split Rock Rehabilitation and Health Care Center rehab in Bronx NYAsk your loved one for permission to visit and then plan your visits in advance. Planning ahead allows a resident the enjoyment of anticipating your visit. It also ensures that you schedule at a time that is convenient for your loved one and does not interfere with their meals, therapy or doctor visits.

Try to listen attentively to your loved one. Being a good listener allows them to enjoy their memories or current thoughts by sharing them with you.

Your loved one wants to hear about you. When you visit, share news about your life and your family and don’t forget the photo album! Share funny stories or talk about a big decision you have made. Make sure to tell your loved one about trivial events, too. Even little details can be important and makes them feel included.

Bring your children to visit your loved one to encourage a relationship between them. These visits can also be “teachable moments” parents use to explain the aging process and how older persons also need love and affection. You will be providing an example of the importance of caring for our elders by making visits a priority. In addition, bring a few of the children’s art projects as gifts to brighten your loved one’s room.

While you are visiting, make a point to say “hello” to other residents who may not receive many visitors. Becoming familiar with others who live in the facility brightens their day.