Why Choose Us

The Split Rock Approach to Healing and Rehabilitation

Split Rock is a nursing and rehabilitation facility that specializes in both long term care for elderly clients as well as recovery and rehabilitation for clients of all ages. The medical staff specializations include physical therapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology therapy. Each client receives an individualized plan of care, depending on lifestyle, and the extent of illness or injury and age. The staff at Split Rock often help victims of stroke, falls, traumatic injury, cardiac arrest and other events requiring rehabilitative care and observation.


State of the Art Facility

Every patient room is outfitted with a cozy design scheme. Each room also includes a personal television with speakers embedded in pillows for extra convenience. For many, a bed with a good mattress is paramount for a good nights’ sleep and at Split Rock, beds are designed to be as comfortable as possible. With all these elements in place, the rooms at Split Rock have a real bedroom feel that can help patients feel at ease.

The home like feel at Split Rock isn’t only achieved with cozy rooms, however. It’s also about the food. In the kitchen, the in-house cook at Split Rock makes daily, home cooked meals. Every dish is hot, delicious and freshly made. In fact, the kitchen at Split Rock marks a big departure from typical cafeteria style fare common in a hospital setting. With tasty meal offerings and a comfortable dining room, staff members aim to give patients the feeling of comfort as well as gastronomical satisfaction.

With these ingredients in place, Split Rock focuses on increasing patients’ quality of life and aims to create a ‘home away from home’ that is warm, welcoming and authentic for every resident, whether it’s a guest staying for a few rehabilitative days or a guest that comes for long term care.


Warm and Homey Atmosphere

What does it mean for a place to feel ‘like home’? Many people would say it’s not only about how comfortable you feel in a given environment, but also how comfortable you feel with the people around you. To that end, the staff strives to be supportive, and to make sure the patients always feel at ease and heard. With an open door policy, the doors of administration staff members at Split Rock are always open and patients are encouraged to visit whenever they’d like- whether it’s for a friendly chat or for more serious questions or discussions. With offices that are open to everyone, Split Rock has done away with the ‘red tape’ that often bog down other medical institutions.

With its policy of inclusion, Split Rock gives patients and staff the ability to not only cultivate an atmosphere that feels like home but also create a warm and homey setting. With lines of communication wide open, staff and patients can cultivate an interpersonal spirit that feels just like a family. Since support is just as important as medical care, being included in a ‘home away from home’ can really be an important part of an individual’s rehabilitation process. And for patients requiring long term care, it’s an essential element in making their stay a happy and healthy one. And that fact, combined with a high standard of care, is what makes Split Rock unique.